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Welcome to! We're a Florida-based AI tool, resource and educational platform built on the shared passion of three experienced, entrepreneurial tech enthusiasts. Our aim is to simplify the world of artificial intelligence and make it beneficial to everyone, whether you're a beginner or a professional.

Our Mission

We offer a broad selection of curated resources to help you navigate this exciting field:

  • Tools: We've handpicked a wide-range of advanced tools that can revolutionize your interaction with data and streamline business processes.

  • Prompts: We provide AI prompt generation suggestions to guide your learning, spark ideas, and stimulate discussions.

  • How-To Articles: Our articles are designed to offer step-by-step guidance on a wide array of AI topics, including utilizing AI Tools to accomplish specific tasks in the ”real world.”

  • News: We keep you updated with the latest developments and trends in the AI world.

  • Businesses and Services: We feature a curated directory of AI-related businesses and services, from AI Marketing specialists to AI app and tool developers, and everything in between.

  • Jobs: Our dynamic jobs board is where companies seeking AI talent meet professionals exploring new opportunities.

  • Conferences: We list relevant AI-related events worldwide to offer opportunities for learning and networking. (coming soon)

Here at, we believe in the transformative power of AI. We're excited to have you on board, to learn with us and be part of the global AI community. Together, we won't just predict the future of AI, we'll shape it. Welcome aboard!

AI Testimonials

  • Generative AI: "Every one of our teams is working on building generative AI applications that reinvent and enhance their customers’ experiences,” said CEO Andy Jassy in Amazon's earnings call."

    Andy Jassy - Amazon CEO - The Verge - August 2023
  • “There’s this completely new world of AI driving a set of new workloads. We do think that this is a business that can have sustained high growth, which is something that, we are excited about.” he said during the investor call."

    Satya Nadella - Microsoft CEO - July 2023

Our Team

Brian Prince

Brian Prince

Co-founder & CEO

Brian is a seasoned entrepreneur with a broad background in technology, digital marketing, cryptocurrency, and e-commerce. He co-founded Xcoins, a Malta-based cryptocurrency platform, where he serves as the Chief Marketing Officer. Xcoins has transacted over $400M in digital assets and launched a Crypto Payments Gateway for e-commerce and iGaming sites. Brian's career started in 1999 with Hotel Hotline, a successful e-commerce travel platform he co-founded that generated over $100M in bookings and was acquired by HotelPlanner in 2016. He also founded Best of the Web, a B2B advertising solution, generating over $30M in revenue and listing over 3M business websites before its 2020 acquisition. His expertise in digital marketing and online platform development makes him a unique leader in the digital business landscape.

Rob Carling

Rob Carling

Co-founder & President

Rob's career has been marked by a strong focus on user and customer experience, blended with technical and managerial expertise. His journey began in marketing and transitioned into more technical and leadership roles, significantly involving the online travel industry. He co-founded a software development firm aimed at the travel and ticketing sectors and later moved into managerial positions in UX design and product marketing. His experience expanded into customer-centric roles, emphasizing his skills in improving user interactions. Currently, he leads technical and product-driven teams, demonstrating his versatility and balanced proficiency in technology, management, and customer engagement within the dynamic digital landscape.

Ali Tahir

Ali Tahir

Co-founder & CTO

Ali boasts nearly two decades of experience in software engineering, characterized by a steady ascent to prominence in the field. His expertise lies in enhancing the functionality and performance of products in various startup and enterprise settings. Ali's technical versatility and leadership skills are evident in his contributions across multiple sectors, including insurance, travel, communications, and software development. He has a proven track record in managing crucial projects, boosting client satisfaction, and improving operational efficiency. His commitment to continuous learning and staying abreast of industry innovations mark him as a lifelong learner. Ali's broad experience, mentorship abilities, and collaborative work approach make him a valuable asset for senior engineering and leadership positions in progressive organizations looking to leverage technology for significant business growth.

Gina LaGuardia

Gina LaGuardia

Editorial Director

Gina LaGuardia's career is distinguished by her expertise in content development and social media strategy, coupled with leadership in editorial roles. Starting as a magazine editor-in-chief, she transitioned to spearheading multimedia content strategy. She has since collaborated with companies like Contently, American Express, Jacuzzi, Chase Bank, BELLA Media, and others, blending creative storytelling with marketing. As Editorial Director at, Gina leads content initiatives, marrying her experience with the nuances of AI, driving strategic communication and positioning the company as an influencer in the AI sector. Her approach focuses on leveraging AI insights to enhance storytelling, further establishing as a leader in tech-oriented content.

Dawn Allcot

Dawn Allcot

Senior Writer

Dawn Allcot launched her editorial career writing for technology trade magazines in the audio/visual industry, editing publications that earned top honors in their fields. Today, she excels in simplifying cutting-edge tech through her work on top news publications and other websites. From cybersecurity and smart home products to AI, Dawn’s articles shed light on trends, applications, and advances in many fields of technology. As Senior Writer at, Dawn merges her passion for new technology with her skill for creating engaging, SEO-focused content to inform and inspire readers.