AI Categories


What are AI Tools?

AI Tools, otherwise known as artificial intelligence tools, are software applications that use machine learning, data, and algorithms to perform endless tasks to improve business, personal tasks, and have fun! These tools can be used to improve productivity, create images, act as a SEO assistant, be your website's chatbot, streamline bookkeeping, the possibilities are endless!

Are AI Tools Free?

Yes and no! Most AI tools offer you free trials to try out their product before you make a decision or only charge for advanced services. All open-source AI tools are free though, so try them all out to improve your projects!

How to Use AI Tools

Jump right in! Lots of AI tools have demos and help sections to guide you throughout your AI tool journey. First, figure out what you are looking to achieve and do your research. There are many options out there and to find the one that will best suit your needs, start searching AI tool directories, then compare pricing and functions they offer. After you narrow it down, sign up for accounts and download them if necessary. This way you can get a feel for which AI tool suits your needs and work style. Once you decide which AI tools is best for your needs, you can start integrating it and using it to improve learning and your path. Follow the developers for upgrades and updates so you can keep up with the latest news to keep improving your AI journey.

What are the Top AI Tool Use Cases?

  1. Copywriting: You can use AI Tools to research topics you are looking to write about, outlines for your content, SEO optimization, and updating or changing the tone of your content.

  2. Data Analysis: Artificial Intelligence can review and analyze data within seconds, finding ideas and solutions that may take a human hours or catch what they might miss.

  3. Image and Video Creation and Editing: Create images from prompts or edit current images. AI tools can help you add filters, backgrounds, and ultimately enhance your creations.