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AI-driven Social Media Marketing For Brand and Lead Boost

by Lately, Inc.

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Lately AI Overview

Social media is huge these days, and AI, especially Lately AI, is changing how it is used for marketing. This AI platform is all about giving power to both big brands and individuals.

The platform is built around a special kind of AI that's designed to make social media content that really stands out. It's tough to get noticed on social media, but this AI helps turn detailed content into posts that catch people's eyes.

This is not just any tool; it learns as it goes, always updating its methods with the latest data and analytics. And it's not just using any data—it's using information that's specially picked for what you need.

This AI tool even learns how each person in your company talks, so it can match the way you communicate with what your audience likes. It's like giving everyone in your company a way to be heard more widely, spreading your message across more networks.

Lately AI is like having a secret weapon for social media. It brings the latest AI technology together with a focus on keeping things private, always improving, and thinking globally. With Lately AI, you're not just doing well; you're setting the world on fire.

Features of Lately AI

  • AI-Powered Social Selling: Lately isn't just another tool; it's a sophisticated AI-driven companion that understands your brand's unique identity. It tailors social media content that not only represents your voice but also connects with your target audience on a deeper level.

  • Massive Social Media Visibility: The platform capitalizes on earned and owned media to amplify both your brand and the voices of individual employees. This results in a remarkable surge in relevant social media posts across various channels and networks, boosting your visibility exponentially.

  • Highly Effective Messaging: This AI tool adopts a performance-loop learning approach, constantly refining its content creation process. This leads to an impressive 82% increase in message effectiveness. It's not just about speaking; it's about speaking effectively.

  • Engaging Content: In today's world, content is king. The platform allows you to deliver high-performing text, audio, and video social media content. The result? A staggering 12,000% increase in social media engagement. Your audience won't just passively scroll; they'll actively participate through clicks, replies, likes, comments, or shares.

  • Hot Outbound Leads: Generating leads is one thing, but generating hot, ready-to-convert leads is another. This is achieved by combining increased brand exposure with precisely targeted, relevant content.

Lately AI Use Cases

  • Lead Generation: It isn't just about generating leads; it's about creating a lead gen strategy that outshines the competition. With its AI-driven approach, you'll attract leads that are not just warm but sizzling hot and ready to convert.

  • Brand Amplification: You are ensured that every voice within your company becomes a megaphone, spreading your message far and wide. It learns the voice of each individual employee and tailors' content that resonates with their unique audiences. This means effective content across an array of networks, making your brand not only stronger but truly on fire.

  • Content Optimization: Crafting content that captivates your audience isn't guesswork; it's science. It brings the science of AI into content creation, discovering the exact word phrases, ideas, and sentence structures that boost engagement. It's content optimization at its finest.

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