Turn Your Text into Engaging AI Videos

by Synthesia Limited

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Synthesia Overview

Synthesia is revolutionizing video content creation, breaking barriers of traditional methods by incorporating state-of-the-art AI technologies. They streamline the process from script to screen, enabling you to create impactful videos in just minutes. Forget the hassles of hiring voiceover artists or dealing with cumbersome video editing software. Their platform is designed to be as user-friendly as a slide deck, but with the power to produce professional videos that resonate. Whether you're in Learning & Development or Sales Enablement, their platform can cut your production time drastically while enhancing viewer engagement.

Features of Synthesia

  • AI Video Generator: Create videos with natural-sounding AI voices and compelling visuals. Achieve a new level of production quality without the need for specialized equipment or studios.

  • Multilingual AI Voices: With the support for over 120 languages, you can effortlessly localize your content to resonate with a worldwide audience.

  • Diverse AI Avatars: Their platform houses an extensive range of 140+ AI avatars, allowing you to create videos that mirror the diversity and uniqueness of your target audience. Every avatar is designed to be engaging and relatable.

  • One-Click Voiceovers: Their tool generates high-quality voiceovers with a single click. Plus, closed captions are automatically included, enhancing accessibility.

  • Easy Edits: Prototype your videos, collaborate with your team for feedback, and make all necessary edits in a single platform. Click-based updates ensure your library remains current without the need for reshoots.

Synthesia Use Cases

  • Learning & Development: Utilize AI-generated videos to create dynamic learning environments, leading to increased retention rates and learner engagement.

  • Sales Enablement: Time-sensitive sales pitches can be crafted and fine-tuned at unprecedented speeds. Equip your sales teams with impactful, persuasive videos that can be tailored to any client or situation.

  • Information Security: Their platform allows you to communicate intricate protocols effectively, ensuring company-wide compliance.

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