AI-Driven Ads: Create, Customize, Captivate

by Waymark

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Waymark Overview

Revolutionizing the landscape of video advertising, Waymark introduces an era where creating TV, CTV, and digital ads is effortless and accessible. Embrace a world where impactful advertising is democratized, allowing businesses of any scale to utilize the power of AI for compelling promotions. This innovative approach ensures that every commercial is not just a piece of content but a significant stride towards reaching your audience effectively.

Begin with a simple business prompt, and let this AI do the heavy lifting, scanning the web for local business data to automatically generate a video that resonates with your brand's core message. Tailor your video with fine-tuning options to meet your exact requirements. With a staggering 94% reduction in creation time and over 15 million in ad dollars supported, Waymark guarantees not just efficiency, but excellence and reliability in every ad produced.

Features of Waymark

  • Intuitive AI Video Creation: Initiate your ad with a business prompt, and the platform's AI immediately crafts a video tailored to your brand's identity.

  • Diverse Template Selection: Choose from an expansive selection of templates designed to meet a broad range of industry-specific advertising needs.

  • Automated Brand Data Sync: Waymark seamlessly gathers and integrates local business information from the web to personalize your video content.

  • User-Friendly Editing Suite: Fine-tune your commercials with easy-to-use editing tools to ensure your video perfectly aligns with your brand message.

  • Optimized for Multiple Platforms: Every video is engineered to meet broadcast standards, ensuring compatibility across TV, CTV, and digital platforms.

Waymark Use Cases

  • Local Business Promotion: Local enterprises can quickly generate promotional videos that highlight their unique offerings and engage their community effectively.

  • Cross-Platform Marketing Campaigns: Marketers can create consistent and compelling ad content tailored for simultaneous deployment across TV, CTV, and digital media.

  • Dynamic Brand Storytelling: Brands looking to tell their story can leverage AI to produce videos that captivate their audience with relevant, dynamic, and personalized messaging.

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