Discover the Future: 14 Free AI Courses to Transform Your Life

By Brian Prince - Last Updated: December 16th, 2023

In today's fast-paced tech world, AI is no longer a distant, incomprehensible concept; it's a practical, accessible tool that's reshaping how we work, play, and learn. Thanks to the generosity of tech and academic leaders, a treasure trove of AI learning resources is now available at your fingertips — and for free!

Courtesy of AI and machine learning innovator Nicholas Nouri's expert curation, we present a handpicked selection of 14 free AI courses to enhance your expertise, each accompanied by some 'Why We Like It' insight to highlight their unique benefits and practical applications:

Prompt Engineering Fundamentals: Learn the art of crafting effective prompts, a crucial skill in interacting with AI models. This course guides you from the very basics to advanced strategies, making it perfect for beginners and seasoned tech enthusiasts alike.

Why we like it: Whether you're tweaking your smart home device or optimizing search queries, understanding prompt engineering can make your interactions with AI more efficient and enjoyable.

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers: A collaborative effort by DeepLearning.AI and OpenAI, this course dives into the specificities of ChatGPT, teaching developers how to create more effective and creative prompts.

Why we like it: If you're intrigued by chatbots or use ChatGPT for work or play, this course demystifies the technology behind the conversations.

Generative AI Introduction by Google: Google offers a comprehensive introduction to Generative AI, covering the technology that powers creative AI endeavors.

Why we like it: Ever wondered how AI creates art or writes music? This course offers a peek behind the curtain.
Harvard's AI & Python Primer: This course by Harvard provides a hands-on introduction to AI using Python, one of the most popular programming languages today.

Why we like it: Python is not just for programmers. Its simplicity makes it a great starting point for anyone curious about coding and AI.

Generative AI Essentials by Microsoft: Microsoft's course breaks down the basics of Generative AI, explaining its significance and potential applications.

Why we like it: Understanding AI can help you appreciate the tech that's likely powering your favorite online tools and services. 
Google's Introduction to Responsible AI: This program by Google emphasizes the principles of Responsible AI, promoting ethical and sustainable AI practices.

Why we like it: In an era where AI ethics is increasingly important, this course helps you understand the responsibility that comes with AI use and development.

Machine Learning by Harvard: Learn the basics of machine learning through a fun project: creating a movie recommendation system.

Why we like it: This course shows how AI can be used to enhance everyday experiences, like finding your next favorite movie.

LangChain for LLM Development: Expand your understanding of language model applications with LangChain, exploring various uses of these powerful models.

Why we like it: This is for those interested in the next level of text-based AI applications, beyond basic chatbots.

Efficiency with Bing Chat: This course teaches you how to integrate Bing Chat into your daily workflow, significantly boosting your productivity.

Why we like it: Bing Chat can be a powerful ally in managing tasks, scheduling, and even performing quick research. This course shows you how to make the most of it.

How to Build LLM Apps That Can See Hear Speak: Dive into the fascinating world where vision and language models combine to create dynamic applications that can 'see' and interpret the world.

Why we like it: Ideal for those curious about how AI can interact with the physical world, whether it's in recognizing objects or interpreting scenes.
Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals-Generative AI: Microsoft's course takes you through the fundamentals of generative AI, focusing on efficient application and fine-tuning techniques.

Why we like it: If you're interested in how AI can create content or solve complex problems, this course offers a solid starting point. 

Amazon's Generative AI Learning Plan for Decision Makers: Tailored for decision-makers, this course by Amazon provides strategic insights into utilizing generative AI in business and management contexts.

Why we like it: For those in leadership or planning roles, understanding how AI can inform decisions is invaluable.
Generative AI for All: This course presents a broad view of AI tools, focusing on their real-world applications as of today.

Why we like it: A great pick for anyone curious about the practical implications of AI in daily life and various industries.

AWS's Gen AI and LLMs: Offered by AWS, this course builds a comprehensive foundation in generative AI and large language models (LLMs).

Why we like it: If you're interested in how big tech companies are leveraging AI for innovative solutions, this course provides an insightful overview.