The Best AI Image Generator Tools for 2024

By Dawn Allcot - Last Updated: February 25th, 2024

The world of digital art has been transformed with the emergence of AI art generators. These innovative tools are unlocking new realms of creativity, allowing professionals and hobbyists alike to produce stunning visual masterpieces without needing extensive artistic skills. 

From simple pattern designs to complex visual narratives, AI art generators offer an extensive range of possibilities that were previously unattainable for many. With features such as preset styles, customizability, community collaboration, and integration with various platforms, these tools are democratizing the art creation process. 

In this article, we will explore the top 10 AI art generators available today, each with its unique features and capabilities, to help you find the perfect tool for your creative journey. 

Whether you're a seasoned artist looking to experiment with new techniques or a beginner eager to delve into the world of digital art, there's something on this list for everyone. Join us as we unravel the beauty and potential of AI-generated art.

1. MidJourney

Operating as a Discord bot, MidJourney empowers you to generate digital art with AI through simple prompts. You can access the tool via a free Discord account and use it in conjunction with ChatGPT to develop simple landing pages with Divi.

MidJourney has a vibrant community on its Discord server, where users can exchange ideas and provide each other with valuable feedback. While there aren't any preset lists for your creation journey, MidJourney shines when given clear and concise sentences describing your desired result.

After generating your initial image, you can download it, upscale it for a larger version, or create variations. While the main prompt for MidJourney is /imagine, you can also use the /blend prompt to upload your own images and blend them together for creating new digital art pieces.

Key Features of MidJourney include:

  • Operates as a Discord bot and can work in your Discord private messages

  • Houses a robust community of digital artists

  • Allows blending of two uploaded images

  • Features a remix mode to alter parameters used in variations

Although MidJourney is a Discord bot and may lack the visual appeal of its competitors, its command list greatly simplifies your interaction with the bot, rendering your experience with MidJourney both easier and more fruitful.

Ideal For:

MidJourney is an excellent choice for those familiar with Discord servers and are looking to be part of a supportive and burgeoning community of AI artists. Although it may not have all the frills that others on our list offer, its active community and the consistent quality of art it produces makes it stand out. It's particularly suitable for those seeking to tap into a solid digital art community.


MidJourney offers a free version, while its paid plans begin at $10 per month.

Learn more about MidJourney

2. DALL-E 2 

Emerging from the ChatGPT family, DALL-E 2 is an influential image-generation tool. This tool powers a number of utilities on our list, as well as other AI image-generation tools available today. It allows you to create realistic images and digital art from text and descriptions, capable of intertwining concepts, art styles, and more.

Initially released in 2021, DALL-E 2, the second iteration, produces more lifelike art at higher resolutions than its predecessor. It lets you save your favorite pieces and view a history of the prompts used to create your artwork. With a simple interface akin to its sister product ChatGPT, DALL-E 2 offers easy access to a potent tool.

Key Features of DALL-E 2 include:

  • Simple user interface

  • Random prompt generator

  • Ability to view generated history

  • Save collections of generated art

  • High-resolution art generation

While still in beta, DALL-E 2 offers a unique feature among AI art generators – the ability to edit your image before using it. You can erase sections of the image, specify an area for image generation within the uploaded image, or expand or shrink the image. Remember to save your work as you edit, particularly for more complex edits.

Ideal For:

While DALL-E 2, with its simplicity, can be used by anyone, it's especially suited for those new to AI art generation. As DALL-E forms the backbone of many AI art generation tools today, this is a great place to start.


DALL-E 2 is priced at $15 per 115 credits.

Learn more about Dall-E 2

3. Jasper Art AI Generator

Emerging from the renowned AI copywriting tool, Jasper AI, the Jasper Art AI Generator is transforming the way marketing teams and professionals source imagery for their content. No more endless hours of searching for the perfect images to complement your blog posts, Jasper Art has you covered.

This intuitive tool uses straightforward textual prompts to craft pixel-perfect digital art, eliminating the hassle and offering efficiency. Whether you're inspired by a particular artist, art style, or mood, Jasper Art can mimic that inspiration and generate four unique, digital art samples based on your prompt.

The best part? All the images produced by Jasper Art are copyright-free. This eliminates the need to splurge on costly royalty-free image libraries, making Jasper Art an invaluable companion for anyone seeking to leverage AI for both written and visual content.

Key Features of Jasper Art include:

  • Compatibility with 29 languages

  • Ability to select medium, artist, and mood for art pieces

  • Production of high-resolution 2k px images

  • Royalty-free commercial use

  • No watermarking

  • Unlimited image generations

Moreover, Jasper Art comes equipped with a range of pre-set templates to further streamline the image generation process. From captivating illustrations to photo-realistic renditions, these templates offer a quick and efficient way to achieve the art style that suits your brand image.

Ideal For:

Jasper Art AI Generator is a one-stop solution for teams seeking a unified platform for their AI writing and visual content needs. The seamless switch between tools within a single account proves advantageous, particularly for larger teams. If accelerating your content creation process with AI-backed support is your goal, Jasper Art is your ally.


Jasper Art AI Generator offers a range of paid plans, starting from $49 per month.

Learn more about Jasper Art AI Generator

4. PhotoSonic Art AI Generator

Part of a broader AI product suite, PhotoSonic, is the visual counterpart to WriteSonic, a prominent AI writing tool. PhotoSonic, like its counterparts, utilizes an advanced text-to-image AI model, translating plain language descriptions into artistic and realistic images.

At the heart of PhotoSonic is a diffusion-based AI model that morphs random noise images to align with the text input provided. This means, with PhotoSonic, you maintain full control over the quality and style of your images, ensuring they meet your specific needs. Optimizing your description and leveraging the tool's capabilities can yield the perfect visuals for your next blog post, product launch, and more.

With an easily comprehendible interface, PhotoSonic offers a free trial that allows users to generate up to five watermarked images.

Key Features of PhotoSonic include:

  • Over 10 design and image styles

  • Ability to select the aspect ratio size of your creations

  • Feature to remove the background from images

  • Auto face restoration

  • Option to download high-definition versions of generated images

One standout feature is PhotoSonic’s "Autocomplete Prompt with AI," which expands on simple phrases and text input to the generator. As illustrated by the "Toronto skyline" example, the autocomplete prompt suggested an illustration style based on James Gilleard. This feature is a game-changer for those unsure about the style or specific elements of their desired images.

Furthermore, PhotoSonic enables you to download all your generated images into a convenient ZIP folder, simplifying access to your high-resolution images.

Ideal For:

PhotoSonic is an excellent fit for those seeking an AI art generation tool without the complexity often associated with such technologies. With its user-friendly interface and clear-cut features, PhotoSonic lowers the barriers to entry, making AI-powered image creation a breeze.


PhotoSonic is free to use, with paid plans commencing at $10 per month.

Learn more about Photosonic

5. Shutterstock AI

Shutterstock, a well-known royalty-free site, offers an easy-to-use AI tool for image generation. Ideal for both commercial and personal use, Shutterstock’s AI tool presents a predefined set of image styles that further expand into more options to refine your creative vision.

Though powered by Shutterstock’s extensive library, the AI tool may take longer to generate images compared to other tools in this list, which could be a disadvantage if speedy image batching is required.

The tool's versatility extends to the creation of photos, digital art, and 3D art. An ethically designed AI tool, Shutterstock's offering is an appealing choice for those eager to harness AI for positive use.

Key Features of Shutterstock AI include:

  • Text prompt input in 20+ languages

  • Five core image generation styles

  • Ability to save images to public or private Shutterstock collections

  • Generation of unlimited variations

  • Image availability in 512 x 512 and 1024 x 1024 pixels

While Shutterstock’s AI generator may not boast as many templates or styles as its competitors, it offers a list of tags to refine the selected style. These tags enhance the clarity of your text prompts, aiding in creating your desired AI-generated art.

Ideal For:

Shutterstock AI is particularly beneficial for existing Shutterstock subscribers. When paired with Shutterstock’s Creative Flow Suite and Predict, its AI-powered design assistant, you can effortlessly integrate AI-generated image content into your workflow, expediting your creative process.


Shutterstock AI offers a range of paid plans, with prices starting at $49 per month.

Learn more about Shutterstock AI

6. NightCafe AI Art Generator

NightCafe is a community-focused AI art generator, enabling users to craft stunning digital art pieces in mere seconds. Like many of its counterparts, NightCafe provides up to 4 images from a single prompt, allowing you to refine and regenerate your artwork until you achieve your envisioned image.

What sets NightCafe apart is its strong community-driven approach, hosting a vast searchable library of images created by global users. The platform encourages creativity through daily challenges, pitting users against each other in friendly competition for prizes.

Offering a mobile app, NightCafe provides on-the-go access to its AI art generator. It also includes an AI face generator tool and an AI art therapy tool, offering guidance on leveraging NightCafe for stress relief and fostering creative expression.

Key Features of NightCafe include:

  • Over 40 preset styles to select from

  • Choice of 5 text-to-image algorithms

  • Choice of stable diffusion model

  • Option to upload images from your hard drive as a starting image

  • Option to use pictures from Pexels as a starting image

  • Advanced public and private search of creations on NightCafe

NightCafe's advanced prompt editor stands out, allowing users to establish a unique style for their AI-generated creations. After choosing a base style from NightCafe’s library, you can add modifiers like art movements, artists, and genre, and save these prompts as your custom style for creating unique art pieces.

Ideal For:

NightCafe is a compelling choice for enthusiasts of AI art. If you seek a robust AI art generator offering profound customization, NightCafe fits the bill. Moreover, it is one of the more cost-effective tools on our list, particularly considering its feature set relative to other market offerings.


NightCafe is free to use, with paid plans beginning at $5.99 per month.

Learn more about Nightcafe

7. CF Spark Art AI Art Generator

Belonging to the CF Spark Family's collection of online AI generation tools, CF Spark Art stands out with its user-friendly interface and straightforward text-to-image generation. CF Spark Art effortlessly transforms both simple and complex statements into engaging digital art.

It offers several presets that simplify digital art creation, making the process less daunting for those new to the field. CF Spark Art generates four image variations of your art, which can then be published to the CF community, downloaded, or remixed using the CF ImageMix tool.

While CF Spark Art may lag behind competitors in terms of speed, purchasing credits can expedite art creation, granting faster access to your artwork.

Key Features of CF Spark Art include:

  • Eight art presets

  • Art generation in six aspect ratios

  • Advanced prompt builder and prompt library

  • A searchable, personal library of generated creations

  • Expert-level, visual prompt builder

CF Spark Art's powerful prompt builder enables you to create your unique style using a plethora of options, including lighting, art medium, and color. Each option is accompanied by a description and thumbnail, providing a visual representation of each term. After making your selections, a prompt is generated in the textbox, to which you can add your text and content ideas.

Ideal For:

CF Spark Art is an excellent option for those wishing to explore the full potential of AI-generated art without getting entangled in technical complexities. The comprehensive Creative Fabrica (CF) suite is perfect for those eager to incorporate more AI-generated art into their work. This powerful art generator facilitates easy AI art creation, irrespective of your technological understanding or familiarity with AI.


CF Spark Art is priced at $9 per month.

Learn more about CF Spark Art

8. Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator is a free AI art generator that's powered by DALL-E. By leveraging text commands and prompts, you can create an array of digital creations with this tool. To access it, you'll need a Microsoft account, and at present, Bing Image Creator only supports English language prompts and text.

While this tool doesn't have the advanced presets, editing tools, or ability to upload images that other generators might offer, it still serves as a fun and easy way to generate digital art for personal use. All the images produced are square (1:1 ratio) and at a resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels. The user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate, and you can check out creations by other users in the 'Explore Ideas' tab on the homepage.

Key Features of Bing Image Creator include:

  • Integration with your Bing and Microsoft account

  • Saved history of generated content

  • Ability to download generated images without a watermark

  • Functionality to save generated images to custom collections

  • Option to share generated images via a link

One standout feature of Bing Image Creator is the 'Surprise Me' button, which randomly generates ideas and prompts you can use to create digital art. This feature is also useful for understanding how the generator interprets specific terms, providing inspiration on how to structure your prompts for future use.

Ideal For:

Bing Image Creator is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a quick and easy AI generation tool. While it may not boast the advanced features of other platforms, it's a perfect option for those looking to create digital art for personal enjoyment.


Bing Image Creator is free to use.

Learn more about Bing Image Creator

9. Dream by WOMBO

Dream by WOMBO is an AI-powered image generation tool that comes with both an online platform and mobile app. The interface is user-friendly, and you'll find a wide array of presets to facilitate your AI creation process. However, the free version of Dream only permits the generation of one image at a time and full image generation capabilities are restricted to its premium plan. Nevertheless, for non-professional users seeking to dabble in AI-generated art, Dream proves to be an engaging tool to experiment with.

Common language prompts can be utilized for image generation and the resulting images are of a decent quality. There's also the option to upload your own images, which can then be modified using text prompts and presets to create personalized artwork.

Key Features of Dream by WOMBO include:

  • More than 40 image styles and presets.

  • The ability to generate four image variations at once.

  • Option to view and download videos of Dream image generation in action.

  • The use of text commands for editing uploaded images.

  • Downloadable creations in two formats: trading card or background image.

  • Easy access to and creation with all previously used prompts.

A standout feature of Dream by WOMBO is the ability to remix NFTs. This means you can connect your wallet and use Dream's AI tools to generate new creations from your pre-existing artwork, without needing to start from scratch.

Ideal For:

Dream by WOMBO is suitable for personal use, especially for those who want to experiment with AI image-generation. However, it's important to note that the image quality of its AI-generated art might not match up to other tools on this list, and its free plan can be relatively restrictive.


Dream by WOMBO offers a free version and paid plans start at $9 per month.

Learn more about Dream by Wombo

10. Fotor AI Art Generator

Concluding our list is the Fotor AI Art Generator, a potent tool for all your digital art requirements. It gives you the option to either upload an image or use simple text prompts to craft your masterpiece. You can also customize the output size and quantity of the images generated by the platform.

Fotor offers a wide range of presets that you can utilize in your artwork. You can adjust aspects such as aperture, golden ratio, detail depth, and effects, all from its sleek, dark-mode interface. Additionally, there's a library where your generated artwork is stored. From there, you can download previous image generations and see the prompts, presets, and aspect ratios used to produce your digital art.

Key Features of Fotor AI Art Generator:

  • More than nine style presets

  • Three aspect ratios

  • Adjustments for art styles, composition, light effects, and more

  • Ability to generate up to five images per prompt

  • Option to upload your own image to the platform for further customization with AI

A standout feature of Fotor is its Image Editor. As a bonus to using Fotor’s AI Art Generator, you can access Fotor’s Photo Editing Suite for additional edits to your generated images. This means you can add text, recolor, resize, or retouch your images, enhancing your AI-generated artwork with Fotor’s integrated suite of tools.

Ideal For:

Fotor AI Art Generator is an excellent choice for those seeking to customize their AI-generated art. Its comprehensive toolkit simplifies the editing process for your AI-generated art, whether you're working from your phone or desktop computer.


Paid plans for Fotor AI Art Generator start at $8.99 per year.

Learn more about Fotor AI Art Generator

Which AI Image Generator is best for you?

Choosing the right AI image generator depends on your individual needs, goals, and level of expertise. Whether you're a professional artist seeking advanced customization and control, a hobbyist looking for community interaction, or a beginner drawn to simple interfaces, there's a tool on this list that caters to you. 

If collaborative creativity is your aim, platforms like MidJourney offer engaging community experiences. For those seeking high-quality results without diving into complex settings, tools like DALL-E 2 or Bing Image Creator could be the perfect match. 

Meanwhile, Fotor AI Art Generator and Dream by WOMBO provide extensive customization options for those who wish to fine-tune their creations. Your choice should align with your budget, preferred features, and desired level of engagement with the tool. 

Take the time to explore the different offerings and perhaps even test a few of them, as many offer free or trial versions. The perfect AI image generator for you is waiting, ready to take your artistic expression to a new digital frontier.

Wrapping up

Whether you're seeking to enhance your professional portfolio or simply exploring the joys of artistic expression, these tools provide a pathway to endless possibilities. 

The fusion of AI and art is not merely a trend but a profound shift in how we approach creativity, enabling us to go beyond traditional boundaries. 

With features ranging from NFT remixing to intuitive prompt builders, the top 10 AI art generators we've explored provide something unique for every artistic endeavor. Embrace the future of art, explore these platforms, and unleash your creativity like never before.