AI's Big Leap: Meta & IBM Team Up with 50+ Tech Whizzes for an Open AI Revolution

Last Updated: December 6th, 2023 by IBM

In a landmark move for the AI industry, Meta (the folks behind Facebook) and IBM have joined forces to launch an AI Alliance, bringing together over 50 tech companies and institutions in a collaborative effort to develop artificial intelligence. This isn't just any alliance, though. Meta and IBM, two the biggest tech titans, are advocating for a more open approach to developing AI. They believe in sharing AI technology to drive innovation and prevent any one company from dominating the field. It's like saying, "Let's all work together and see what amazing things we can create."

This move sets them apart from other big players like OpenAI and Google, who prefer a more controlled approach to their AI technology. They emphasize using AI responsibly and ethically, which means keeping a tighter grip on their developments.

Meta is leading by example here. Unlike OpenAI's GPT-4, which is available for a monthly fee (currently $20/month for the Plus version), Meta is making their AI models, such as LLaMA, available to a wider audience. This allows researchers and startups to experiment and improve these technologies, fostering a more collaborative environment.

The AI Alliance isn't just tech companies; it includes diverse members like Intel and NASA. Interestingly, OpenAI and Google aren't part of this group.

 So, what's the bottom line? This new alliance marks a significant moment in AI development. It's a clash of philosophies – open collaboration vs. controlled development. As these tech giants pick their sides, it will be fascinating to see how this shapes the AI technology we use in our daily lives. It's a critical moment that could define the direction AI takes in the coming years.


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