The Best AI Copywriting Tools for 2024: A Comparison and Pricing Guide

By Brian Prince - Last Updated: January 4th, 2024

By making use of advanced algorithms, these AI copywriting tools streamline the creative process and help you break through the clutter. 

Ready to explore the best AI copywriting tools for 2024? We're breaking down the features, benefits, and cost of each top-tier option.


Discover the unparalleled efficiency of, an AI-based tool designed to craft near-perfect drafts with minimal human input. Imagine working with a human writer - you provide a topic, some creative input, approve an AI-generated outline, and voila - your content is ready in just a few minutes.

Whether you need captivating blog posts, compelling sales emails, or engaging social media content, demonstrates its versatility. Its user-friendly step-by-step brief format, along with built-in templates, simplifies the content creation process. A testament to its capabilities is this AI-generated blog post, crafted swiftly on's pricing model offers an appealing blend of affordability and flexibility. Benefit from up to 2,000 words per month absolutely free. For those desiring more advanced features and unlimited words, a subscription of $49 USD/month gives you access to automatic workflows, translation tools, and much more.

Standing as a prominent figure in the realm of AI copywriting tools, is an excellent choice for solo marketers and teams looking to turbocharge their content production. The debate continues over whether AI-generated content can indeed capture the essence of "thought leadership," but its potential to boost productivity is unquestionable.

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2. Writesonic

Writesonic stands out as an acclaimed GPT-3 based AI copywriting software with a diverse set of tools and capabilities. One peek at the Writesonic AI Copywriting Tool's homepage reveals its wide-ranging content generation offerings. From persuasive ad copies and engaging social media content to optimized website copies, insightful blog post outlines, effective SEO meta descriptions, and compelling YouTube video scripts, Writesonic has got it all covered.

Writesonic's user-friendly dashboard neatly categorizes content types, letting you pick your desired format and explore relevant tools and templates. One feature worth highlighting is Writesonic's Content Rephrase. This unique tool lets you input any text and promptly delivers a reworded, paraphrased version. It's incredibly helpful when you have factual content that lacks readability, need a refreshed product description, or wish to mirror a competitor's copy without plagiarism.

While Writesonic excels in creating short-form content, we found that it particularly shines in generating creative and emotive product descriptions. Despite its strengths, we noticed some shortcomings with Writesonic. It sometimes produced inconsistent results, with some outputs being off-topic. Its blog outline feature lacked customization options, and social media templates were restricted to LinkedIn posts and YouTube content. Additionally, the variety and type of templates felt limited.

Despite these drawbacks, Writesonic's user-friendly interface and ability to generate high-quality short-form content requiring minimal edits contribute to its popularity.

For pricing, Writesonic offers a free trial with 10 credits and no time limit. The basic package, priced at $15/month, provides 100 credits for up to 50,000 words. The Professional and Startup packages, both at $45/month, offer unlimited credits with single and double user seats, respectively. Visit the Writesonic website for more details.

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3. Jasper

Jasper stands tall as a tool that masterfully generates content mirroring human-like quality, with an emphasis on fostering team collaboration. Consider it the Google Workspace equivalent in the world of AI copywriting. Its comprehensive template library and cloud storage features make Jasper an ideal choice for businesses, large or small, aiming for seamless drafting, editing, and approving of copy projects.

Jasper operates on a document-style interface where you provide a brief outlining your content needs, preferred tone, SEO keywords, and more. 

Jasper's pricing model is thoughtfully structured based on word count. Users can enjoy a free trial covering up to 10,000 words of content. Paid plans, catering to various content volume needs, range from $24 to $500 per month.

So, who is Jasper designed for? It emerges as a boon for marketing and content creation teams striving to maintain synchronicity and brand consistency. The Jasper for Business plan incorporates a brand tone of voice analyzer, ensuring that its AI-generated content harmoniously aligns with your existing content's tone.

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4. Hypotenuse AI

For those on the hunt for a stellar free AI copywriting tool, Hypotenuse AI is an option you can't overlook. Harnessing the power of NLP and machine learning, it generates content primarily focused on three categories - product descriptions, blog posts, and social media posts. Its user-friendly layout, demonstrated on the Hypotenuse AI Copywriting Tool's homepage, simplifies the content creation process into a straightforward, step-by-step journey.

Hypotenuse AI particularly impresses with its blog post generator. It delivers content that's not just clear and concise but also deeply relevant. Moreover, it structures the blog post with proper headings and paragraphs, ensuring logical flow from the introduction to conclusion. 

What sets Hypotenuse AI apart is its provision for detailed input, including keywords, categories, and specific audience targets. This aids in generating content closely tailored to your needs, minimizing the need for extensive edits before publishing.

However, it's not without its limitations. Hypotenuse AI offers a limited number of templates and content types, and the detailed input requirements can make it slightly more time-consuming compared to its counterparts.

Despite these constraints, the templates Hypotenuse AI offers are effective and cover all essentials needed for e-commerce and content marketing - product descriptions, social media posts, ad copy, and blog content.

Hypotenuse AI extends a 7-day free trial. The Starter plan, priced at $29/month, provides 75 credits for product descriptions, 20 blog posts, and unlimited ad copy. The Growth plan, at $59/month, offers 500 credits for product descriptions and unlimited capacity for blog posts and ad copy. For high-volume needs, the Enterprise package features custom pricing, unlimited blog posts and ad copy, a custom AI model tailored to your brand voice, and custom platform integrations and data mapping.

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5. QuillBot Flow

Distinct from traditional AI copywriting tools, QuillBot Flow doesn't generate content based on instructions. Instead, it shines in rephrasing existing content creatively and meaningfully. It goes beyond mere synonym substitutions to simplify content for brevity and clarity or enhance it by adding pertinent details. 

Unique extensions like a web research AI search tool, citation generator, and a "co-writing" sentence completer augment its functionality. 

QuillBot's free plan sets a limit of 125 words for rephrasing and 2,500 words for summarizing, with only basic options. For more advanced needs, the premium plan, priced at $19.95 USD/month, lifts the word count limits and adds extra rephrasing modes, anti-plagiarism tools, and more.

So, who should consider QuillBot? It's an excellent choice for those looking to repurpose content effectively, be it simplifying and rewriting sections of articles for social media posts or creating multiple versions of the same content. It's a simple, quick, and practical avenue to leverage AI in copywriting and can be used hand-in-hand with other AI tools to level up AI-generated content.

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6. Wordtune

Wordtune is yet another powerful AI rephraser aimed at enhancing the clarity and readability of your content. Operating on similar lines as QuillBot, Wordtune lets you alter the tone of your content, shorten it for brevity, or expand it for elaboration. What adds a spark to Wordtune's functionality is its "spices" feature - you can infuse your content with statistics, facts, or even a hint of humor. 

As far as pricing is concerned, Wordtune offers a free plan that permits up to 10 rewrites per day. For those seeking unlimited access, Wordtune charges $9.99 USD/month.

Wordtune is suited for a broad spectrum of users - freelancers, content teams, and more. Whether it's overcoming writer's block, repurposing content, or captivating your audience by clarifying your message quickly, Wordtune stands ready to assist.

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7. Notion AI

Imagine the productive prowess of a spreadsheet combined with the formatting capabilities of a document - this is Notion, a tasks and notes app famed for its visually appealing and functional templates. However, Notion isn't just about beautiful templates - it also houses a built-in AI tool.

While Notion AI's primary focus is on productivity tasks, it doesn't shy away from potent AI copywriting features. These include the elimination of jargon, ideation brainstorming, and even drafting comprehensive pieces. 

As for pricing, while Notion itself comes free of cost, Notion AI, the premium add-on, costs $10 USD/month per user.

So, who's the perfect candidate for Notion AI? It's an ideal choice for current Notion users and marketers keen to leverage AI in copywriting. Additionally, teams seeking a flexible platform for managing notes and tasks can significantly benefit from Notion AI.

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8. DeepL

One of the most powerful applications of AI in copywriting is improving localization through content translation. That's where DeepL comes into the picture, employing AI to accurately translate your content while preserving its meaning and nuance, and all at a fraction of the cost of human translators. However, similar to content generated from scratch, it's recommended to have someone review it to ensure translation accuracy, readability, and to prevent any potential legal or public relations mishaps that could occur if the translated copy doesn't align with the original. 

DeepL offers a free plan which allows up to 3 documents and 3,000 characters for translation. If you require more, the Pro plan, ranging from $8 to $57 USD/month, provides unlimited translations and additional benefits.

So, who should consider using DeepL? This tool is applicable to any kind of document, making it an ideal solution for businesses venturing into new regions. Larger corporations can also leverage the cost efficiencies at scale, only needing translators to review and refine DeepL's output.

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9. OwlyWriter AI in Hootsuite

Did you know that Hootsuite comes bundled with OwlyWriter AI, an integrated creative AI tool that can save social media professionals hours of work? With OwlyWriter, you can:

  • Write a new social media caption in a specific tone, based on a prompt.

  • Write a post based on a link (e.g. a blog post or a product page).

  • Generate post ideas based on a keyword or topic (and then write posts expanding on the idea you like best).

  • Identify and repurpose your top-performing posts.

To begin with OwlyWriter, sign in to your Hootsuite account and navigate to the 'Inspiration' section of the dashboard. From there, choose the type of AI assistance you wish to utilize. For example, if you're unsure about what to post, click on 'Get inspired', enter a broad topic you want to tackle, and then hit 'Get ideas'.

OwlyWriter will generate a list of post ideas related to your topic. Choose your favorite to proceed to the next step – captions and hashtags. Pick a caption you like and click 'Create post'. The caption will open in the Hootsuite Composer, where you can make adjustments, add media files and links, verify the copy against your compliance guidelines, and schedule your post to be published at a later time.

The great news is that OwlyWriter never runs out of ideas, so you can repeat this process until your social media calendar is packed, then sit back and watch your engagement flourish. OwlyWriter is included in all Hootsuite plans, starting at $99/month.

Who should use OwlyWriter? It's an ideal tool for busy social media marketers, content creators, and business owners. If your role involves writing for social media in any capacity, this tool is for you!

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10. ChatGPT

ChatGPT, while not the first AI copywriting tool, is the tool that turned AI into a global phenomenon. The buzz around it after its viral launch in November 2022 was hard to ignore. The familiar, chat-style interface of ChatGPT is simple for anyone to use right away, even if you've never encountered generative AI software before.

What caught the attention of the public is the sophistication of ChatGPT’s interactions. It not only understands what you're asking it — a capability known as "natural language processing" — but it also remembers the history of your conversation and adjusts its responses accordingly. This is a departure from many AI tools that act like "one-hit wonders," treating each new question as if it's your first interaction.

ChatGPT offers a free tier and ChatGPT Plus for $20 USD/month. While the primary difference between the plans was response speed, things changed with the release of ChatGPT-4 on March 14, 2023, which is currently only available to Plus customers.

ChatGPT is a highly versatile tool. However, it is particularly well-suited to content marketers looking to scale up the production of articles, reports, or other types of continuous publishing needs. GPT-4 exhibits human-level performance in many scenarios, even passing the bar exam. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications, from drafting articles to assisting with legal documents.

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The Best AI Copywriting Tools Bring Unparalleled Benefits

The world of AI copywriting tools is vast and rapidly evolving. From content drafting, editing, and translation to repurposing existing pieces, these tools are reinventing digital content creation.

Choosing the best AI copywriting tool ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget. For example, a team-focused tool like Jasper might be your best bet, whereas DeepL shines in content localization. For diverse content needs, and Writesonic offer robust solutions.

The benefits of adopting these tools are multifaceted, including improved productivity, cost savings, and a quality boost. They clearly represent the future of digital content creation, offering undeniable value to content marketers worldwide. Embrace the best AI copywriting tool today and set your brand apart from the crowd.